WTS..M249,M240,Mk19, M16, M242 25mm Bushmaster parts for sale

Location: Georgia

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Hey guys,
Here is a listing of most of the parts I am looking to sell. All are used, most very lightly and part of a mandatory replacement prior to USMC deployment. Shipping is not included but I will do my best to get it posted as cheap as possible. I tried to make prices reasonable ( basically halved Gunbroker prices) but if you think its out of line just let me know. Let me know if you want pictures. 
Also I would be interested in trading for a couple of stripped AR uppers, AR BCG's, and am looking for a set of m2hb backplate upper and lower frames, tubes,grips,grip screws.
Thanks for looking. I attached a few pictures to give you an idea.

M249:     ALL SOLD
Rear SightS

30 MM USMC DMR SCOPE RINGs.........SOLD.......

Mk19   or all shown for $250
Backplate….$50 per
Receiver sears….$50 per
Bolt buffers….$20 per
R/L finger bolt….$5 per
Firing pin sear….$5 per

Late Style Breech Lock….$10 per
Barrel Lock Spring….$2 per
Adjustable Trigger Lever Stop Assembly, with Screw….$2 per

M242 Bushmaster……..$200 for all…about 20 lbs of parts
Straight Drive Shafts x 4
Receiver Gears
Rear Chain Guide
Clutch Dogs 
Cable assembly
Muzzle Brake Retaining Nuts

Stainless Firing Pins…..$2 per
Full Auto Hammers….$10 per
Buffers…..$5 per; no carbine buffers are left. only rifle length
Matech BUIS……$40 per
Charging Handle Latches…..$15 per 50













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Em sent.

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Just wanted to Bump this post up. Purchased some parts from the seller recently... Recieved my parts very fast. They were in perfect condition..even had a few extra small parts in there. Was a very good transaction. Buy with cofidence.

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa


  Aaron - Mohnton, Pa  |  BeltFeds.Com, LLC / Stryker Defense  |  FFL 07 / 02 SOT 

  Email: Sales@BeltFeds.Com      Phone: 610-983-8257      Website:  https://BeltFeds.Com 

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