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WTS: AAC 762SD F3 Oregon $375 now with 2 mounts!

Location: The Dalles, ORegon

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***SPF***This is an AAC 762SD 308 can that I bought years ago.  It is made with 718 Iconel and 316 Stainless and is full auto rated.  Excellent condition as pictured.  Less than 100 rounds through it, all of which was 556.  Comes as pictured with ***TWO*** muzzle devices (several pictured, you get your choice).  

Selling because I don't want to fiddle with the mount drama.  If you so some research, the 18t mounts are the ones that your can will loosen up on during firing.  There are some fixes online but I am not interested in tinkering with this.

***SPF***$375 with two muzzle devices.  It's in my inventory, on F3 in Oregon.  If you want to make the trip to come pick it up, I will do your F4 transfer for $1

Funds up front.  You agree to start paperwork immediately (exact terms to be negotiated based on reasonable time frame).

Additional muzzle devices $75 OBO / ea.  The new BO mount in the package is 5/8x24. You get your pick of any pictured.






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pic didn't come through

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Found a couple more mounts (not pictured).  The dirty mounts spent some time in an ultrasonic cleaner and look great now.  2 of the mounts are 5/8x24, the rest are 1/2x28IMG_0894.jpg4j7eh1uk94j7eh1uk9

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dang pic is having issues coming through

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