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We have a Watercooled .50BMG Mobile Mount. This was picked up at Knob Creek about 6-8yrs ago. The .50cal water cooled (or air cooled) mount was made by Ryland Fleet aka: Acme Gadget Division. I am attaching his email address and web site. Check out his remote fired .30cal machine gun mount shown on his web site. The mount is made from a brand new Swiss military lathe table that is inverted and mounted to a flex axle set of wheels to form a trailer. The mount has electric drum brakes that can be turned on whenever the mount is being used and this keeps the mount from moving while the machine gun is being fired, creating a very stable shooting platform. The trailer does not need license plates as it is treated as a piece of equipment like a pull behind air compressor. The hitch is for a standard 2” ball. Included with the mount are road covers for the seat and the mount. The road cover is designed to cover the gun, too, allowing you to leave the gun mounted, simplifying transport. It even includes a support for the front of the .50 water cooled barrel jacket. The mount would turn heads traveling down the road, but I doubt people would figure out what it is. The machine gun attaches to the mount rigidly using the same two pins that you would normally use with the M3 tripod. In addition to a ammo can mount, there are chutes attached to the mount for separate collection of the links and spent brass The traverse and elevation are controlled by the micro and macro wheel adjustments on the lathe table which provide for a VERY accurate sighting adjustment particularly if you a using a scope on the .50. I use a B@T quick detach scope mount that has a picatinny rail. Ryan said he was able to achieve close to minute of angle accuracy in singe shot with match ammo! Include with the mount is a water jacket that is very similar, but smaller and lighter, than the original military water cooled .50’s used in WWII for anti aircraft fire. The water jacket just slides over the M2’s air cooled heavy barrel and uses twin sets of heat resistant nylon and Teflon coated seal to prevent water leakage. There is a bag full of spare seals included with the water jacket. Hoses attach to the water jacket and then down to the mount which has a heavy duty12 volt water pump, reservoir, marine battery, built in charger for the battery AND a radiator with a cooling fan! This setup is well designed. You can even reverse the fan to blow hot air towards you when your shooting is cold weather! There is no need for someone to sit on the ground and use a hand pump to circulate the water coolant with this mount while you fire the gun. And not to forget “shooter comfort”, there is a multi adjustable mounted tractor seat that can even swing from side to side as you traverse the gun, so that you maintain site picture. The water jacket design was not only meant to keep the barrel cool during firing but also increase accuracy by providing a rigid mounting for the barrel. The mount can be used with or without the water jacket installed on the barrel. The water jacket mounts against the guns receiver after you barrel support is removed. Shims are provided to fine tune the mounting which can then be changed back to air cooled in a matter of minutes. Included in the photos are a couple of pictures of the mount being demonstrated on the firing line at Knob Creek. One of the photo’s is of Ryland Fleet standing beside the mount and another photo is of Peter Kokalis examining the mount while Ryland explains its operation. The buyer pays freight/shipping costs and is responsible for arranging transport/pickup. I will assist in loading. I will entertain trade offers otherwise this can be purchased for $5800.00 and can be delivered to Knob Creek Oct. shoot Free of Charge. I have plenty more pictures if interested, but I believe this to be the only one or maybe 2 ever made. Definitely a must have for the most eccentric collectors. If interested call the shop or send an email.
Joe Hardesty
Acme Sports, Inc.
800 E. Tipton St.
Seymour, IN 47274

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