WTB: FND 8 mm barrel and mags

Location: Pgh PA

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I'm in need of a nice 8mm FND barrel and mags


PTRS 14.5

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I will go through all my brls . should have most cals in various cond.  a good friend in PHX just passed and his vault was attacked by treas and the locals and I will be tied up a couple weeks with that , so be patient   just a note my gun runs all cal  except .308 and 7x57 using what I believe to be 30/06 mags. not marked and that's what they were sold to me as. I have never paid much attention but my gun came setup for fal mags. it has a factory high tech finish much like Teflon?  I change the trigger group/ mag housing and use what was represented as 30/06 mags for EVERTHING ELSE  IE: 8x57, 7x57, 7.65x53, and 06 . it has never skipped a beat. I have several thousand lbs fnd parts if you need.     good luck! mike todd

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email        

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Mike get with me when you can. PM me so we can swap contact info.



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