John W in The Dalles OR

WTS: HK91 WTS set trigger and Magpul stock set

Location: The Dalles, Oregon

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Williams set trigger in a factory HK91 0-1 lower, wood grip.  Sweetest trigger for your 91 or PTR etc AND Magpul PRS stock and rear metal.

WTS set trigger conversion work $250
Wood grip  $150 (different model and profile) closest comp I could come up with.
Factory HK91 0-1 lower  $110 is a bargain but that's what I bought one for recently
Semi trigger pack $??  looks like it was built on a factory 91 pack but can't be sure it was or that it would matter if it wasn't.
Magpul PRS stock.  Not sure of the generation.  Rear metal is unknown but surplus is a good bet.  There are three numbers that have been crossed out stamped between the pushpin holes on the left side.  $200 conservative guess.

So total you would have into this, were you to do this yourself today would be $710 plus the semi pack.

$620 USPS MO shipped get both items.  Won't split up.  Not in a hurry to sell, will cross post.  

Only things I would consider to trade would be for a 308 Tranquilo +/- cash depending on the tax situation.


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