HK G3KA4 non-NFA value estimate?


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Looking for an opinion on the below item dollar value and if Murray signed or marked his work in any way?   

A pre-ban HK91 converted to a G3KA4 in 2001 by Murray Urbach.  As far as Murray documentation I can't locate any.  When I signed for it all there really was was the CoD from FedEx.  

Remarked by Murray as G3K    Used an original HK G3K barrel.  The conversion cost was $2700 in 2001. 
IB dated so 1981 for the original HK91 host. 7.62x51. Flash Hider pinned for 16" legality. 0-1-20 clipped and pinned semi trigger pack. Paddle mag release installed. Finished in HK Black. 

Great Form1 SBR candidate 

Runs like a champ. No issues ever. 200 rounds or so through it.  

Pictures say it all. One blemish under the handguard in pictures. 


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