How to Post w/Pictures on the New Site

David Albert
By David Albert in Site Help and General Info,
To post a new topic on the board, do the following: 1.  Go to the board on which you would like to post.  (Ads go on in the various 4 boards listed under the "Buy and Sell Marketplace," and discussion topics go in the 2 boards listed under the "Firearms Discussion" section. 2.  Once you are on the appropriate board, click on the "Start New Topic" button: (It is toward the top right hand side of your screen) 3.  A page will load that looks like this: 4.  Type in a title, as shown above.  If you are posting a market ad, it is helpful to post as much information about the item as may be immediately helpful to anyone seeing it.  Though not required, listing a price in the title is helpful.   5.  This step is completely optional, but if you want to use the "Tags" feature, you can type terms into that field, separated by commas.  If 2 or more posts are tagged with the same term, they will appear as links at the bottom of your post.  This will happen more often as additional content is posted to the new board. 6.  Post the text of your ad, or your discussion topic within the large area shown below.  Remember, if you are posting an ad, you are trying to sell something, like in a newspaper ad...Provide as much information as you can about the item that will fully inform potential buyers.  It is recommended that you post a price, full description, your city, state, and name, e-mail address, and any sales tax and shipping details.  You are not required to post all these items, but they are recommended. 7.  You can post photos several ways: You can link to an existing URL where your photo is stored externally on another website (Photobucket, etc.) - Use the "Link" icon to do this (4th icon from the left, as shown below) Click on the "Link" icon, and a window will appear, as shown below Cut and paste the URL for your externally hosted photo into the first field, as shown below If you want your photo URL to have a name, you can fill in the second field, and it will link to your URL - You can also leave it blank, and the URL itself will appear in your post (I will complete this tutorial ASAP...I've worked on it on 1/9/16 and 1/10/16) David Albert      
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