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In your opinion is this a good holster for a Sig P320 factory threaded version?


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I ordered this from Bravo Concealment of Alamo, TX. They had an email campaign about accepting pre-orders for their much anticipated Sig Sauer P320 holsters which accept RMR's and threaded barrels. I received this yesterday.

The pistol in question is a factory Sig configuration, #320C-9-BSS-TB. I suspect many Sig customers are going to have the same question here. I can understand if it was an aftermarket barrel, but this seems to be the way of let's build a holster and see if Sig can build a gun around it, and not vice versa.

I showed these photos to their chief design guy, he said that's the best they can do. Good thing they have a return policy!

IMG_3574 2.jpeg

IMG_3575 2.jpeg

IMG_3576 2.jpeg

IMG_3577 2.jpeg

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