M60, Ma Deuce (50 BMG), UZI, MP5, and a Norrell

Location: Maryland

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I'm in the market for a transferable M60 and, to a lesser degree, a Ma Deuce. I'm also looking for another Norrell 10/22 trigger pack, MP5, and UZI, but I've bought at least one of each of those subs, so they are no longer priorities but I'm not opposed to having duplicates. If you have any of those for sale, shoot me a note. Please include the price, condition, location (I'm in MD), and if it's on a Form 3 or Form 4. Please re-read this last sentence if you want to do a deal.

About me: I'm a private collector located in Maryland. I can happily supply plenty of references, including some of the big names in this business and a half dozen transactions currently waiting ATF approval. I have cash. I've never sold an NFA item, only bought. Please send your best price and I will not negotiate, I'll either buy it or not - but I won't push back on price.

Thanks for looking at this post.


P.S. A couple folks have emailed me without including prices. Please save us both some time. If there's not a price in the email and you haven't heard back from me, that's why. And if that's not the way you want to do business, no problem - there are plenty of hagglers out there and you'll have no problem finding someone wanting to spend time negotiating back and forth with you; but that's not me. That said, I can close quickly and I've got cash - but I don't want to haggle. Give me your best price and I'll tell you yes or no. Thank you! 

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