WTS: VZ58 Parts - New Old Stock - All items priced.

Location: Manchester, TN

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I have some nice VZ58 parts for sale. All parts are new old stock unless specified otherwise. I'll be adding more parts to this post so check back. If interested please post reply so we can go by time stamp for fairness and follow with PM. PayPal + 3%. All prices are shipped prices in the US.

Prices are per part. NOT entire qty.

VZ1) Bolt Carrier $48
VZ2) Receiver Covers (I have 5 available) $34
VZ3) Striker (I have 3 available) $20
VZ4) Folding Butt Stock (I have 2 available) $38
VZ5) Folding Stock Hinge (I have 2 available) $25
VZ6) Firing Pin (I have 6 available) $11
VZ7) Folding Stock Nut (I have 2 available) $8
VZ8) Mag Release Pin (I have 2 available) $6
VZ9) Rear Sight Plunger (I have 3 available) $6
VZ10) Rear Sight Slide (I have 3 available) $6
VZ11) Safety & Mag Catch Pin (I have 4 available) $7
Z12) Sear Pin (I have 4 available) $8


Bolt Carrier.JPG

Top Cover1.JPG

Folding Stock Hinge.JPG


Firing Pin.JPG

Folding Stock Nut.JPG

Mag Release Pin.JPG

Rear Sight Plunger.JPG

Rear Sight Slide.JPG

Safety and Mag Catch Pin.JPG

Sear Pin.JPG

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