Need help. MG34 won't work. Never mind I'm an idiot.


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I took my grip stick apart and now the gun will only fire semi auto. I only took the trigger housing parts out and cleaned them and the housing and put them back. I didn't touch the bolt or receiver, both were the same as before when it worked fine. Works as flawless as before, but now semi-auto only whether I pull the top part of the trigger or the bottom part. Did I put something back wrong? Is the attached photo where the trigger rod should be in relation to the disconnector? If I move it farther back the grip won't align back up with the receiver holes, and I can't move it farther forward because it bottoms out against the trigger. I've looked at pictures, watched YouTube videos, nothing works, this is driving me nuts, please help.

Never mind, I had put the catch pin in backwards.

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I'm an idiot.

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