HK (Heckler & Koch) MP5-SD Transferable w/fleming sear 37990

Location: Pompano Beach Florida

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This is a 3 form gun (SBR, silencer, sear). Buyer pays all transfer taxes and shipping.

I am NOT a dealer, no huge markup, and no sales tax.

anyone can own this machine gun.


MP5-SD (date code IF) SN 69XX  This is an original HK weapon, not a clone. This started out as an HK94 not a parts kit. 

This is an SBR on a Form 1, form 4 for the silencer, Form 4 for sear in Florida.

Sear is not "married" to the host gun and can be used in other hosts.

This MP5-SD was converted and remarked by Curtis Higgins. 

Modifications done to the original HK94;

1. Barrel has ports drilled forward of the chamber through which escaping gases are diverted to the Included silencer.

2. Installation of paddle mag release.

3. Old HK-94 marking has been replaced with MP5-SD

4. Installation of SD shroud and handguard.

5. Fleming sear in 3 round burst pack (as shown in Pictures)


You don't need to use special sub-sonic ammo. "Normal" 9mm ammo will exit the silencer completely silenced (Just like in the movies!)


Comes as pictured with stock. All NFA rules apply.

This gun works perfectly in full auto. Bullets are nearly touching in target!

Comes with 3 HK 30 round magazines


Please ask any question directly to my email located in pictures.











This is the actual sear that is installed in the above pack that you will receive (More expensive than gold!)



If you live in Florida, this gun can be transferred and shipped to you directly.


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