WTS: Minigun Post Sample Receiver $9000

Location: Alabama

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Like new Minigun post sample receiver ready to put on your parts kit. This was manufactured by Defense Armament Design LLC who had this as a running gun prior to selling it to us as a stripped receiver. It will require a law enforcement demo letter. Price is $9000 plus shipping. Email questions to (remove NOSPAM).


We also have a complete parts set for sale on the Parts and Accessories Market Board if you need one.





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Ran out of popcorn and things weren't going anywhere, so previous drama removed at request of parties involved on both sides (WTC and EM).

Without weighing in on either side, I will note the following.

a) When doing large transactions with an somebody you haven't done business with before  (it's all relative I know), but for sake of argument - $20k,  one really should consider doing the transaction in person, with a local surrogate, or via escrow services (offered by one of our sponsors) - it will give both sides a certain level of safety.

b) When setting up payment arrangements make definitive milestones for when payment is expected, shipment date and method, and any other terms. This can be setup by either party (seller can say I will give you X amount of days to make payment or buyer can commit to payment by X date following inspection etc) - but do set a timeline in writing for everybody to refer to.


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