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WTS: PAWS ZX7SS (Sterling copy, integrally suppressed, .45acp) $15k

Location: Nashville, TN

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Transferable  PAWS ZX7SS on two Form 4s in TN (MG and suppressor are separate stamps - it's a two stamp gun).  This is a Sterling copy, in .45acp, and integrally suppressed.  $15000

It is nearly in perfect condition. Fully transferable select fire and suppressed up graded by John Andrewski of Stan's Gun smithing. Owner before had Stan's gun shop replace and up grade with sterling stock, locking end cap, sights, forearm, optic sight base, and refinishing.  This was during the time when Andrewski was building all those DLO tubes with original Sterling kits.  Suppressor built by Doug Melton of SRT Arms (these MG are quieter than the originals). imageproxy.php?img=&key=898bd455c4915183If you need more photos or questions feel free to email deveyarms@icloud.com, there are two tax stamps, buyer pays shipping and tax stamps.  


paws 1.jpg

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