IOR VALDADA QR-TS 3x25 $550.00

Location: Marietta, GA

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I have a slightly used IOR Illuminated scope that I have rarely used.
Installed a while back and ran a mag or 2 through
performed great just need another alternate sighting system since my right eye is worsening. (is that a word?)
IOR makes some really high end optics and this is their Quick Response Tactical Sight (QR-TS) Retailed between $650 - $750
Glass is from Schott, Germany
Includes all that came from factory
$550 OBO
Shipping & Insurance is included!




IOR Valdada contents.JPG

IOR Valdada left side.JPG

IOR Valdada right side.JPG

IOR Valdada top.JPG

IOR Manual-p3.jpg

IOR Valdada recticle.JPG

IOR Manual-p1.jpg

IOR Manual-p2.jpg

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still available

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