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WTS: Pre-May MP5 with Extra's: $14,900

Location: By Richard in Grand Rapids, MI area

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If you’re a Class III dealer (SOT), or Class II manufacturer, and have been waiting for the PERFECT MP5 Pre-May “keeper” specimen for yourself, then you’ll be glad you’ve waited this long.  This is a factory ORIGINAL MP5 (not “refinished” or “reconditioned” like you might see on the boards), and certainly NOT a converted HK94 (like the transferrables are)  in absolutely gorgeous, FACTORY ORIGINAL museum-worthy condition.  I’ve owned it for nine years, and it’s been my safe-queen for the future when I would have retired my SOT.  However, with three kids at Michigan State University, I’m forced to part with this prematurely.  “Family First”, as they say.  In the nine years I’ve owned this, I’ve only shot it twice (making sure each time, that it ran flawlessly).  During those two times, I tested it with all kinds of ball, tracer, and defensive ammo, and it NEVER had a hiccup….not once.  Those who know me, know how obnoxiously meticulous I am, as I’m much more of a “collector” than a shooter; so this specimen has been kept in absolute pristine condition in a strictly controlled dehumidified vault (not stored in the Pelican case). 

This MP5 comes with FOUR original German H&K Law Enforcement 30-round magazines, in excellent condition.  ALSO included is the Knights Armament RAS System with forend, which allows you to mount a scope on the Picatinny rail WITHOUT causing “claw marks” on the receiver.  This contraption was a stroke of genius on the part of Knights Armament. 

You’ll ALSO receive this brand new customized Pelican case, along with two MP5 owner’s manuals.

And finally, you’ll ALSO be able to pick YOUR CHOICE of an original H&K expanding stock, OR a brand new original H&K full stock, OR a brand new B&T folding stock; whichever you’re more comfortable with.

And I’ll pay for the shipping and insurance.

This is obviously an incredible deal for the Class II or III dealer looking for an MP5 “keeper”, and at the same time, the absolutely best price on the boards.  It’s a win-win package.    

I’ll pay the shipping and insurance. 

Call or e-mail me with questions:  616-443-0034; .


***And by the way, I have lots of brand new, never used REALLY TOUGH-TO-FIND MP5 spare parts for sale, once the package above is sold.  Of course, the buyer of the MP5 will have first dibs on any of these. 






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