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Hi, I have come across this wood stock for a Browning High Power.  Previous owner had some paperwork with it, indicating he was in the process(thinking) about SBR'n the Browning high power I have listed on this site for sale.

What is the stocks value?

Does any one know of someone that can modify the High Power pistol's grip to accommodate the slot?

Is it a somewhat common practice?

thank you in advance!


Buddy H. your up!

Steven M in Marietta, GA






Stock left side c.JPG

Stock Made in Canada.JPG

Stock right side.JPG

Stock Strap.JPG

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ATF has exempted original Inglis tangent sight Hi Power from NFA when with the original stock.


Check the BATFE website for details, but no special paperwork and no wait-- versus two hundred dollars, a year wait, and the cost of cutting up your current pistol?



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