WTS: Fully Transferable AVT-40 $10,500

Location: Brookhaven, GA

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AVT-40 machine gun. There are almost none of these around. This gun has been tested and operates flawlessly. Registered by C.C. Distributing Company. This gun comes with an extra barrel and an extra bolt carrier assembly.   Currently on Form 3 at my dealer in the Atlanta Ga 30319    404-665-6411e-imnvX_HUrog3CYHK5ROzqLL3Fl5J3xglryysdJeIeScRRiM1CJKu5ALzvuqw5kwYyzesug2SLhX21wjZnJ2mhrfFO5rw1YZk1fp4Ry7zh3bCGEehDZ-KK8EWlNDIBPCqLYmSNc3CktsDta3fQ7iXmFo22RbR0qJRPnID2rwLBlYnD0LDsaA8DO69sK-rMawlZxgjJmaHeS0VdpBgAsO_xkvLqZUd9DGRGl9UhbJFHMcd0SSwb2qo466cu53qQBFrepD7uv_a8NJXBN8sPflcMX







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looks like the stock has been replaced with a svt40 stock.     avt's had a notch on both sides ,  to allow safety to go either direction, for semi, or auto.

also, the pistol grip area, was more robust, due to the recoil, early ones were prone to cracking.

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