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WTS: Browning BAR M1918 Marlin Barrel dated 7-18

Location: Ellisville, MS

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I have an original WWI Model M1918 BAR barrel.  It's very rare to find an M1918 barrel, original from WWI period but even more rare to find one in this condition!  Throat measures "0" and Muzzle erosion ".07" which is basically "0" but I round it to 1.  How this barrel survived all these years without being shot out is a small miracle. This particular barrel is marked with an "M" which stands for Marlin.  It's dated "7  18" which stands for July of 1918.  It has the flaming bomb ordnance stamp between the M and date and again on the outside near the throat.  Even more intriguing is the fact that this barrel came off a lend lease BAR to England.  Markings of .30/062-494" BNP with crown Tons per square is marked near the throat on the outside of the barrel.  This barrel is chambered for the original caliber of of the BAR which is 30-06.  There are some tool marks where the barrel was installed or removed (most likely removed) at an arsenal somewhere (see last pic).  I've seen these tool marks before on many BAR barrels.  It's indicative of using a vice that was used to take the barrel off.  It's not a huge gash but there are marks indicating such. Now for the best part.  The bore is mirror finish.  No erosion, cloudiness or frost. Strong lands and grooves which backs up the measurements of TE 0 and ME 1.  

I place this barrel at a 9 out of 10 ready for your original M1918 Marlin BAR.  They aren't making these any more and finding one in this condition is rare as hen's teeth so buy it now before someone else does.  I have a "best offer" button but don't insult with low ball offers as this is going to move close if not at the asking price.  I'm very familiar with what BAR parts are commanding.  Recently at Knob creek I spotted an original Marlin parts kit that the owner wanted $4,000 for.  Get it now before it's too late.  After all, your registered gun deserves it and it's worth it!  Transferable BAR's are now worth north of $30,000!
$950 shipped to anywhere in cont. US.  Will accept, checks, money order, etc.  3% more for paypal or credit cards.
I have many BAR parts large and small so email me what you need and I can let you know if I have it and how much.

  Davy Keith,
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