WTT/S SVT 40, DWM 30 luger, Italian Arisaka, Kreigsmarine k98

Location: Ohio

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I am looking to trade or possibly sell a couple C&R weapons. These were used for photo shoots on www.modelsnguns.com. I need new guns for the website so trades are appreciated. Thanks for looking, photos on request. 

Russian SVT40 rifle, great shape. $1650 plus shipping. 1941 with stock and receiver matching numbers. Electro pencil marks but no visible import mark.












Luger DWM pre war 30 luger $1200 
Kreigsmarine K98 rifle matching numbers, no import marks $1250 
Italian made Arisaka rifle. $550 

I have a wide variety of interests in trades. Colt Stainless revolvers – Magnum carry, Anaconda 45lc, SFVI, DSII, Python, AMT Automag 44, Long slide 1911 45ACP, IMI Galil ARM 308 preban imports only, S&W 1046, 1066 657 3” lew horton only, LAR Grizzly 44 magnum only. Model Gaulois No. 1 Squeeze Cocker Palm Pistol, James Reid ‘My Friend’ Knuckle Duster Pocket Pistol, Chicago Firearms Co. Protector Palm Pistol, WALTHER PPK-L .22LR ALLOY FRAME , Union Switch and Signal WWII 1911 ACP, Swedish lahti 9mm, garands and m1 carbines that are correct, scar 17, FN 57, black tavor. No ar's. hunting rifles, shotguns or run of the mill stuff please. Thanks for looking.

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