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I have looked on the web and cannot satisfy my curiosity.  Could someone please explain what this scope is and why it is identified as Hensoldt SG 542?  I'm thinking it may have some assocation with the SIG 542 rifle. If this is the case is it cammed in .308?  Is there a price difference between this scope and a normal type one Hensoldt?  What would one cost in very nice shape?

Many thanks in advance.

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It's a regular Hensoldt scope that was OEM sold by SIG in Europe as an option with their SG 542 rifle.  It may be worth a couple bucks more than a standard Hensoldt model to a die hard SIG collector.  Yes, it is .308 cammed.  Do a search for completed auctions on GB and eB to find the current market value.  FN marked Hensoldt's are also encountered now and then.

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