WTB Retro Armalite AR-10B w/ Brown Stock

Location: Pa.

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I'm looking for one of the modern production "retro" Armalite-produced AR-10Bs that came from the factory with brown furniture and carry handle charging handle, from a few years back, like rifle in pic and link below. 

If you have one, please PM me with details and how much you are looking to get. If you know where one is, I'd be grateful for the lead!

I also have lots of possible trade fodder of many types, from old S&W revolvers and Baby Brownings to a LNIB 20" Armalite AR-10B flat top with green stock, a couple of PTR-91s, and assorted AKs, and surplus ammo, accessories, and mags). I am in PA. 

Thanks for looking!

link to old auction for one


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