WTB: Cartridge-Case-Roll-Sizing-Machine.

Location: Bay City, MI

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Looking for a new/used Roll-Sizing-Machine w/vibratory-feed (any caliber as I can convert it) such as manufactured by the old Scharch Mfg., ......or if you know of one for sale (contact-information).

Let me know what you have, condition, if it has any additional sizing-wheels and/or conversion-parts, and price. Photos will help on condition/completeness to my below listed e-mail address.

Broken roller-sizing-machine will be evaluated for purchase........ what's broken (?)......I will repair it if price is right.

Note: I am not looking for a Case-Pro nor other type of machines at this time. 

Regards,  RichardS

US Army,  RET

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Still looking for a Scharch Cartridge-Case Roll-Sizing-Machine with or without the vibratory-feed. Prefer an old Scharch Mfg. machine if you know of one available for sale, but will evaluate other machines for purchase..

Machine can be operational or not.........let me know condition/completeness (photos will help), and price.

Regards,  RichardS

US  Army,  RET

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