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Location: Oklahoma

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I have the following post Dealer Samples. Some 
there are several available. All require a demo 

HK MP5 A3: $1850 

HK MP5 A2 Post-Sample: $1800

HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895 

HK MP5SD2: $2800 

HK G36C: $2900 

HK UMP 40: $1700 

HK UMP 45: $1800 

Colt M4 (14.5”): $1500 

Colt M4 (11.5”): $1500 

FN F2000: $2200 

FN F2000 Tactical: $2200 

B&T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00

Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping.

These won't last long so contact quick if your 

email: jpowers8340@sbcglobal.net
phone: 580-695-8340

Photos may not be of exact gun*
Contact Information

fn f2000 -cla.jpg


HK G36C (9).JPG


HK UMP40.jpg

HK UMP45 (6).JPG

COLT M16A2 - CA.jpg

HK MP5A3 W SUREFIRE 62-350331- SOLD.jpg

HK MP5A2 copy.jpg

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