WTB 1918 1918A2 BAR Gas Tube assembly & barrel & Charging Handle

Location: Illinois

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WTB: 1918A2 BAR  complete Gas Tube, Late Type, Single Notch, BAR. BAR Late Model, Single Notch, Gas Tube Assembly, with regulator and swivel. Condition:  Worn out or serviceable US GI (complete) or bare if that's only what you have.

WTB: 1928A2 BAR charging handle complete, new or used

WTB: 1918A2 BAR barrel (worn out or serviceable) complete

I am putting together a display replica non-firing 1918A2 BAR, so looking for reasonable parts that do not have to be serviceable, but complete to make a correct period replica display BAR. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

contact me at incountry1@yahoo.com please

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