WTS: 4-Position Full-Auto Trigger parts assembly $395

Location: Little Rock, AR

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This is a four-position, full-auto trigger parts assembly for an M16 or AR15 receiver machined to an M16 specs. You have selector positions of safe, semi, 3-shot burst and full auto.  Selector is designed to clear selector stops on a typical M16 rifle receiver. Selector can be turned 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise to obtain desired firing mode.  Red selector mode plate fits under the selector and is held in place with the standard M16 selector stops.  On a receiver with no selector stops, the plate can be attached with a couple of drops of silicone adhesive.  This type adhesive can be easily removed from the receiver. 

This is not a full-auto conversion kit!  This parts kit is intended to be placed into a receiver that is already machined to full-auto specs.  All BATF rules apply.  We ship to the Continental US only.

Our price is $395 and we will pay shipping - UPS with adult signature required.

Since these parts are intended to be used in a registered full-auto M16 or AR15 that has been machined internally to duplicate an M16, we need a copy of your FFL or a copy of your ATF form showing that you have such a rifle in your legal possession.  These parts do not function with a drop-in auto sear.


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