WTB: H&K 4, HK model 4 -firing pin

Location: VA

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I'm in need of a H&K 4 firing pin for my pistol. Just picked up the gun from a local dealer only to discover the firing pin was broke 

(don't get me started with what I think of my purchasing experience with this for its less then stellar to say the least) 

Anyway I would truly appreciate if anyone has a spare and is willing to sell or trade for it. 

drop me an email if you can help and thanks for all the help in advance  

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I am sorry about your bad experience. Wish I had the firing pin you need. You should consider relating your bad experience and let us know who the dealer was so that none of us make the mistake of dealing with them in the future. Thanks.

I Buy Original, German Factory, Post-Sample, HK 21E Machine Guns, Receivers and 21E Parts. Contact me if you have or know of any for sale.

Michael: Precision Technology: 07 FFL / Class 2 Mfg in AZ: pt72@mac.com


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If you find a source for a firing pin, let us know, as I know somebody else with a HK4 that is probably in the market for one.


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I located one in Europe ...... However the price is OVER $60 ...... OUCH !

email me directly if I Can help .... Email below

I only accept PayPal or US Postal Money Orders

Paypal Required within 24 Hours /  US Postal Money Order Required within 5 Days

Email me DIRECTLY  at   buddyhinton@hotmail.com

NO PM / IM's

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Heh...mebbe we should all just chip in and buy one HK4 and divvy up the parts. I'd like a 32 cal barrel and mag.

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