WTS: HK MP5SD With A Fleming Sear

Location: Maryland

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For sale is an HK MP5SD with a transferable Fleming sear. The gun and suppressor were both built by Ralph at R.D.T.S. so the quality is apparent throughout. The gun is as clean as an operating room and runs like a Mercedes. A safe queen with no cosmetic issues and a very low round count. The cost and all taxes paid up front by the buyer. Get it now before the price goes up. Two stamps on Form 4's in MD. You can contact the seller at wkmenterprises@verizon.net. I have several additional closeup photos if you feel they are necessary. Thanks.


1105 001.jpg

1105 002.jpg

1105 003.jpg

1105 004.jpg

1105 005.jpg

1105 006.jpg

1105 011.jpg

1105 014.jpg

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