WTS: AR Parts, barrel, grips, mags

Location: Houston

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Add SHI to prices.  Email is the best way to contact me.

New 10 round Armalite AR10 mag, this is a factory mag marked on the bottom.
$40 + SHI (Only to legal states)Gen 1 mag?


Kim Ahrends Walnut (?) 1911 grips, for full size frame, standard cut on the bottom - $40


AR15 Fire control group, unknown manufacture, sold as is, unknown quality

$35 in a padded envelope, no insurance


2 ea Buushmaster CAR Stocks w/buffer tube, as new

            1 ea - 3 position, w/o rear sling loop - $40

            1 ea – 6 position - $45


Colt 16” HBAR, 1/9, only parts are flash hider and barrel nut.  Less than 50 rounds fired.

$195 + SHI



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On the Colt 16" HBAR barrel does is have the front sight post on it?  Thanks Quentin

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Colt barrel has the original front sight post, flash hider, and barrel nut.

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