WTS: Surplus War Rifles

Location: Florida

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1. Jap 99 7.7, chrome bore,  no Mum, no dust shield, no airplane sights, no cleaning rod, original Bayonet and scabbard.$475

2. 1891 Argentine 7.65 argentine cal. nicely removed crest, strong bore but a little dark, otherwise excellent, original bayonet. $425

3. Ital. Carcano Mdl. 91/24 6.5 cal. with clip, Shellac  finish scraped off to original wood, strong bore but dark, very good cond. with original bayonet. $450

4. Ital. Carcano mdl38 short rifle 7.35 cal with clip. excellent overall, no bayo. $475

e-mail n308@aol.com

surplus rifles.JPG



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