WTS Collector Reference Books: Clawson, Campbell, Law, etc

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For your consideration, I have several collector reference books for sale. 

Prices are OBO and include shipping
First to post "I'll take it" gets it
Prompt paypal gift or + fees for payment
No trades


Thank you for looking!!

I am having issues with Photobucket at the moment, I can email or text pics if you like. Thanks!

1) RARE copy of Charles W. Clawson's definitive reference book "Collector's Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 & 1911A1". This is the 1993 soft cover "pocket guide" version, extremely difficult to find. This is THE guide that collectors rely on for parts identification, serial numbers, and production info. Overall very good condition, some minor corner wear and signs of light use, no tears or major issues. 
$160 SOLD elsewhere


2) RARE 1st edition print of "The '03 Springfield" by Clark S. Campbell, printed in 1957. This is an excellent resource that covers production history, rifle variations, and parts identification of the Springfield M1903 rifle. Book is in good condition, no dust cover present and some spine wear and edge wear. Some minor browning of the pages is present, typical of a book of this vintage. No major damage, torn or missing pages.


3) "Backbone of the Wehrmacht Yhe German K98k Rifle 1934-1945 by Richard D. Law. This excellent book is reviews in detail all of the variations, parts markings, and production info for the German K98 Mauser rifles from the Nazi era. Overall condition is excellent, a very minor bit of edge wear on the jacket, no wear or issues with the book at all, it is like new.
$45 SPF to johnsonlmg41


4) "US Military Knives Bayonets and Machetes" by M.H. Cole. This is an excellent reference book for all variations, common and rare, of US Military blades, their markings, configurations and accessories. This copy is SIGNED by M.H. Cole himself!! Jacket has a bit of minor edge wear, nothing too bad, no major tears or creases. The book itself is in excellent condition, no damage to the cover, spine, binding or any pages. 
$150 SPF elsewhere


5) RARE and highly sought after book on Sig pistols, "Das Grosse Buch Der Sig-Pistolen" by Lorenz Vetter, from 1995. This book covers every single variation of Sig pistols from all the P210 models up through Sig Sauer P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P230, P239 and P240. This is the definitive source for parts markings, variations, identification and history of these awesome pistols. This original copy is in German, and is in excellent condition. No damage to any pages, spine or cover. The only issue is there is a signature from the previous owner on the first inside page. Aside from that this book is like new!! 
$325 SPF to DrDon


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I'll take backbone of the Wehrmacht.

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I will take the Sig book by Vetter.

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Price drop on the Campbell '03 book. Offers welcome. 

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