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Watch out for Bad Boy Blasters


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We just bought a shot blast cabinet form these assclowns, and couldn't be more dissatisfied. They claim the units are made in the USA from US parts, which is bullshit. The entire unit is made with junk Chinese parts. Poor welds, spray can quality paint jobs.  Poor fit up. Just pure crap. 

Been dicking us around for 1 month now on a wheel kit thank God because I'm returning it due to non-completion of the original deal. What they're doing now is stalling for time until the Chinese ship lands with a load of junk parts for stupid round eye. I told them forget it, to send a freight truck to pick this POS up!. Got CC company to refund the $$. Never again. Skat Blast is the way to go.

Mark McCain the owner, out of Canton, Ohio ...MAJOR BS'ER!! They sell on ebay and have all kinds of video's on youtube, it's all b.s. too! Don't  fall for their false advertising, like we did.

Why is business filled with so many chicken shit wannabe's? GEEZ!!!



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