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H&K G36 Spuhr mag-well conversion kits & SureFire QD flash hiders


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I have some lightly-used, but like-new / excellent condition parts that were taken off of a batch of G36C's out of a PD.

First up is a batch of FOUR (4) Spuhr AR15 mag-well conversion kits for all G36 models.  These kits are very hard to find and all of these are like-new and complete with all parts and the original boxes.  These will allow you to run just about any STANAG / AR15 / M16 magazine, including PMAGs, through your G36.  They have ambi mag release buttons.  They also include a re-designed bolt-lock / release that allows the shooter to lock and release the bolt from within the trigger guard.  We have run several mags through a G36C that has this kit installed and they run flawlessly with PMAGs and Lancer mags.

$350 each, shipping is included.

Secondly, I have TWO (2) used, but very good condition SureFire flash hiders for the G36 that will work with SureFire SOCOM 556 suppressor.  These flash hiders are 15x1mm RH threads for the original G36.  

$100 each, shipping is included.










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