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Precision Technology

Need New Contact Info for SS Firearms (Sam Scaief) in McQueeney, TX


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I need New / Valid Contact Info for SS Firearms FFL-SOT (Sam Scaief) in McQueeney, TX. I have been unable to reach Sam at his usual email and phone numbers for a few weeks now. I am hoping that everything is OK and that he just changed his number and email. Any information and/or help contacting him would be greatly appreciated! Please IM here or email:

Michael: Precision Technology: 07 FFL / Class 2 Mfg in AZ:


Proud to be an NRA LifeEndowmentPatron and Benefactor member as well as remaining an NRA Golden Eagle for many years.

Give to the NRA each and every year until it Hurts and VOTE Every Election (city, county, state & federal)!! We must be steadfast in protecting our precious Second Amendment Rights.

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