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Watch Out for the Obvious Scammer placing for Sale Ads on the WTB Board


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The Mentally-Retarded individual has already placed Two for Sale Ads on the WTB Board that, hopefully, stand out to most people as Obvious Scams. I marked them with replies in order to save the over-eager people from being taken. Ads will probably be pulled by Admin pretty soon… Anyway, watch out - Scammers are Always trying to Steal your $$$.

Michael: Precision Technology: 07 FFL / Class 2 Mfg in AZ:


Proud to be an NRA LifeEndowmentPatron and Benefactor member as well as remaining an NRA Golden Eagle for many years.

Give to the NRA each and every year until it Hurts and VOTE Every Election (city, county, state & federal)!! We must be steadfast in protecting our precious Second Amendment Rights.

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General PT,

22 hours ago, Precision Technology said:

"The Mentally-Retarded individual ..."


 I believe you have given too much praise to the scum scammers...

a Mentality Retarded person has more respect .

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