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I received an unsolicited email this morning for no-letter posties from a Carl Milroy, cmilroy47@gmail.com. Claiming to be Crown Firearms of Eastlake, OH. I responded with interest but the "seller" would not provide an SOT or Form 3 for the guns, claiming that was his "procedure". He sent pictures of a Polish RPD but provided a description of a semi-auto carbine version right off the DSA website, including their typical accessory package. A copy of the Crown Firearms FFL was emailed to me, I tried to call Crown but unfortunately they are open only Monday-Wednesday. 

Once I pressed him about the inaccuracies he told be I should "pass" on the sale and that he will instead post on Subguns and on GunBroker. 

So, this is either a request for a reference on this gentleman/FFL or a "buyer beware" on the name/email I listed. I was genuinely interested in some of the offered guns but the whole thing started to smell too fishy. There appeared to be other dealers CC'd in the original email so I'm not the only one this went out to and I have contacted them with the concern. 

WANTED: Japanese MG-related & Chauchat-related Parts/Accessories

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Thank you for your Vigilance... please let us know what Crown has to say... 

Keep Calm...

Carry On

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