WTB: C&R BAR M1918A2 or MG34

Location: Westfield, IN

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I am in the market for either a transferable (C&R) MG34 or C&R BAR in A2 configuration (not a Group Industries). I am in the low-30k price price range ($30-$33K). I really prefer to work with other dealers and I really prefer 50/50 payment terms (I am a class 3 dealer, so it would be a quick form 3 transfer). This will be for my personal collection.

It needs to be operational. I am not really interested in paying alot more for spare parts and accessories... My price range is what I hope to pay, just for the firearm.

Please let me know what you have. I have cash in hand and ready to buy :)


317-506-0580 (I don't answer numbers I don't know so leave me a VM, and I'll get back to you - or send a text).

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