WTS German k43 (G43) sniper rifle w/scope & accessories

Location: Ramsey, MN

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For sale:

1944 German WWII Karabiner 43 (k43) scoped sharpshooter rifle.  Marked AC44, manufactured by Walther.  I’ve had this rifle in my collection for 14 years and am selling it to raise money for a motorcycle, since it hasn’t been shot on more than 4 occasions.  When bought, it required repair to rear corner edges of the bolt housing, which was professionally done by Rob Applegate.  Rob (Apfeltor) also furnished the “shooters kit” replacement gas piston system which reduces the gas pressure in order to save wear and tear on the rifle when it is shot.  As originally built, this rifle design applies too much gas pressure to the action, causing damage to the bolt housing  after approximately 3000 rounds, an inherent design flaw.  The firing pin holder was also replaced due to damage prior to my ownership (original part included).  The rifle is fully restored to safe and reliable firing condition.  The rifle is sighted in and the bore and rifling are in fine condition.  The scope has the blue triangle marking, indicating it is for use in temperate to cold climates.  In my experience, removing the scope mount from the rifle does not require recalibration of the scope, and the optics are clear.  The rifle is reliable using Romanian 1970’s vintage ammo with the current gas orifice installed in the shooter kit gas piston.  Replacement springs are currently in the rifle, and the original springs and gas system parts are included along with one original mag and two well-made and reliable reproduction mags, not the unreliable repro junker mags.  There are a couple scars on the stock, include a black mark (unknown origin), a gouge on the left side that appears to have some filler in it.  The gouge appears to be result of a chip that resulted from a flaw in the original stock lamination.  A few other minor handling marks exist, but overall the stock is in great condition.  One good point is that it was not sanded, and the stock cutting machine stipling is still strong on the wood, as is the original finish.  

ASKING  $4000.00 or best offer.  ( I need every dollar I can get for the motorcycle, a Yamaha TW200).  Email me at ksuleski(at)comcast(dot)net

Included are:

Original ZF4 German 4 power scope on a quality replica scope mount and repro rubber eye cup and lens protectors  
Original magazine
Original spring set and installed reproduction springs
Original gas system parts with installed Apfeltor reproduction pressure reducing gas system.
Two reproduction magazines (reliable ones)
ZB-26 machinegun magazine converted to use in the k43
Reproduction G43 leather magazine pouch
Reproduction sling

See the Photos:


Watch the Video:


Please buy my rifle.  :)

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