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WTB: HK P4 .25 conversion kit

Location: Jacksonville, Fla

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Looking for .25 cal conversion for the HK P-4. Also want a.380 kit if they made em! 

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Alan , they did. hence the name HK-4  .22, .25, .32, 380 was all packed together with the required parts. I have never seen anything more than a barrel or a magazine offered by itself . one might consider looking for the complete set when you consider what's asked for the magazines. this year, I have seen 2 of the 4 cal sets and at least that many 3 cal sets at the major auction houses. I don't recall the hammer on the  4 cal but one example nos 3 cal was less than $1k no 380.  In the past, I have seen them marked Harrington& Richardson, but I'm sure they were made by HK. HAVE FUN! MIKE

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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