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Curious to what a J.R. Stemple post sample M60 in about 95-98% condition is going for these days? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks TGW

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   A J.R. Stemple gun may be worth slightly more then one freshly built. Mainly because he has a good reputation for building 60's and a lot of people partial to fine details will favor one of his guns. For example, I have a customer who runs a rental range out West. They are currently looking for a 3rd M60 for their line,  but are only interested in a Stemple M60.

   With that being said, decent condition standard Post Sample M60s are selling for around 6-8k right now. We supply properly licensed Class II manufacturers with all the parts to build a post sample M60 for around 5-6k depending on what they get (what make / condition trunion, rails etc). But they then have to do the build.

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa


  Aaron - Mohnton, Pa  |  BeltFeds.Com, LLC / Stryker Defense  |  FFL 07 / 02 SOT 

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