WTS: US Navy Type 1 Class 3 Survival Kits (Pic Heavy)

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Only a few single kits remaining, get them while you can!!

WTS: US Navy Type 1 Class 3 Survival Kits (Pic Heavy)

I have several rather rare US Navy Type 1 Class 3 survival kits available for sale. All of these kits are in like new condition and have just come out of the original cases. I have both single units as well as factory sealed 10 count case lots available.

There is some conjecture on exactly what Naval component these were designed for but whoever it was put together a fantastic kit. These feature a two sided construction which can be separated without opening either module depending on the users needs. Within the outer wrapping each module is individual vacuum sealed allowing for a very rugged piece of gear with an indefinite shelf life. 

The two sides are separated and labeled as “Side A” and “Side B” with “A” consisting of items useful in shelter and food gathering activities and “B” including items designed for escape and evasion / rescue oriented activities. The contents of each side are as follows:

Side A:
Fishing Kit, Emergency 
Saw, Finger Ring 
Survival Blanket 
Plastic Bag, Zip-Lock
Snare Wire 

Side B: 
Fire Starter, Magnesium 
Knife, Pocket
Signalling Mirror
Compass, Smoke Chaser (commercially made Brunton engineer type)
Plastic Bag, Zip-Lock
Whistle, Extreme Cold
Water Bag, Drinking 
Matches, waterproof

These kits offer the user everything needed for basic survival type activities making them ideal for a variety of applications. As a part of a disaster kit, get home bag, bug out kit, deer camp load out, or as a component of your car gear these are priceless (especially if you have the need to use them). 

From the collectors point of view these also offer a unique opportunity to add a rare USN related item to your collection. 

There is a great review and write up at the link below. Some photos featured at the bottom of this post are from the review.

-Price: $60.00 each (Im down to my last partial case on these)

-Shipping: Actual cost

-Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”)

-Payment: Paypal (gift or standard plus 3.5%) or USPS money order











The following five photos are from the link above. 









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