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WTS C&R, Transferable and Gatling Guns. $2500 up.

Location: NFA Market Board

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Transferable NFA:

AK47 Krink SBR in 7.62x39 on a form 3 for $2500.

Colt 1928 Water Cooled by DLO in 30-06 with 1928 Mount, Wood ammo box, water can, hose on a form 3 for $20000.

Vickers MK1 in 303 (VSM build) with mount, loader and many spares on a form 3 for $22000.

Twin Swedish 36 Water Cooled AA Guns by DLO. Featured in February 2012 SAR Magazine on form 3's for $85000.

Transferable C&R NFA:

U.S. Browning Model of 1917 by New England Westinghouse. Single diget serial number on tri-pod with wood box ammo box, water can, hose and Colt belt loading machine for $50000.

Russian RP46 with some spares on a forn 3 for $44000.

Russian 1910 Maxim Snow Cap with lot's of extra parts and two mounts for $28000.

Russian AVS36 (1938) select fire rifle in very nice condition for $26000.

Japanese Type 92 Heavy in 7mm Mauser with mount, optics, striips and loader for $18000.

Hotchkiss 1914 (1917) 8mm Label with wrench, extra firing pins, strips and lot's of reloading stuff for $17000.

Gatling Guns and Title One:

Colt 1897 10 Barrel in 30-06 built by the late John Anderson for $40000.

Colt 1877 5 Barrel Bulldog for $31000. Used on Top Shot Season 3 and 5.

Colt 1877 10 Barrel Bulldog for $41500.

FN38 Belt Fed Semi Auto New in 8mm built by Hedgehog Mfg with many spares for $6500.

Colt 1918 BAR SLR NIB by Ohio Ordnance Works for $7950.

G41M (1942) in excellent matching condition. C&R for $19000.

Please call for any further information needed.

Robert L. Brown

R & R Exotic Machines 07/02

Peoria, Arizona 85383


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