WTS: RARE ORIGINAL KERN AARAU 4x24 scope with SIG StG57 PE mount

Location: Tom in Switzerland

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WTS: Original Kern Aarau 4x24 scope with mount for the SIG StG57 PE. This version is very, very rare and a collector item.

The elevation knob is calibrated for 7.5x55 Swiss, this Kern scope is the first version with a turned body (NO cast part) for the PE57 and can be used for the StG57 military sniper version also. The rubber eye piece, the non radioactive symbol, the very low serial # and the early scope mount with no serial # plate on the side are different to the later version. 

The gean rack which is missing is the metal plate inside the mount (see pic), i believe someone take this off to have more space for the folding sight with micro sights on it. Anyway, this does not derogate from anything in anyway. The later mounts form the StG57 military sniper version will not work for this scope, they do not have the same screw hole distance!
Have in mind, this scope is nearly 60 years old and will have some minor wear at the scope and lenses. I just whant you know, that this scope is NOT new and it is used!
The scope is looking great 95% condition, the Mount is 90 % condition and has some storage wear.
The set will be sold like the pictures shows.
US$ 5'900.00 incl. shipping and PayPal fee.





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Is there a date on the scope body anywhere, maybe under the rear, rubber eye piece?

Is the item in Switzerland?



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There is no date on the scope body. The production was in the late 60s - early 70s. The leather storage case has the production date 71.

Yes, the item is in Switzerland. I will ship them registred and insured, or i can take them to the ShotShow to Las Vegas in Januray.

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