WTS BAR Belts and bandoleers $22 and up

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Lots of BAR belts for sale to thin out the collection:


WWI Belts:

Long 10/11 1918 marked WWI Gunners belt, in unissued condtion.  Some wear on the butt cup and some rust stains on the left rear pocked but overall a very nice belt $165



2nd assistant gunners belt, Marked Long 11-18.  Beautiful unissued condition $250



Issued WWI P.B. & Co 6/9 1918 2nd assistant gunners belt.  Rust/blood stains on bottom of one pouch, I'd rate at 65% condition, see photos on link; Has unit badge! $165



Issued WWI USMC 2nd assistant gunners belt with 4 BAR pouches and 4 M1903 clip pouches.  Unmarked, this is the USMC Version of the hardest variation of all BAR belts.  Used in good shape, some wear, see photos on link: $285



3rd assistant Riflemans belt, deep blue, just like a navy landing party would have worn.  All WWI pattern (large buckles and early belt size adjustments).  Name written on left inside (Baples?) and in 85% + condtion.  Perfect for your Sand Pebbles tribute! $350



Unissued USMC M1918 Gunners belt, round taped flaps.  You won't fine a nicer one! $235



Mint unissued left side WWI Bandoleer.  Marked P,B, & Co 7-1918.  Rubber stamped ORD 22 and 79 cents on front. $115



NOS packaged bandoleer, unfortunately it's been opened.  Bandoleer is dated 7-18, packaging is dated 3/7/47 $165



WWI USMC Left side bandoleer marked Long 5-18.  Mint and un-issued but with small hole in front  $99



WWI USMC right side Bandoleer with rounded flaps indicating Marine issue.  Marked Long 4-18.  Mint and unissued but there is a tear in one of the flap and the strap, see photo on link: $80




WWII Belts:

PB&C khaki belt marked 9-18, upgraded to M1937 belt standards with the smaller buckles and later adjustable belt system.  Rubber stamped M6190 on left side. Belt is in 70% condtion, one flap has been replaced, one of the pouches has a corner that has worn through and missing the drain hole grommet. A very interesting early WWII upgrade $115



Unissued M1937 belt marked Boyt 1942.  Flaps are slightly darker material.  A rare belt in great shape! $195



left half of a M1937 modified gunners belt in fair conditon.  All clasps work and no rips.  This has been modified to the M1937 standard and has (paint? Blood?) splatter on the fabric $38





Left half of BAR belt: Post war dark olive 1/2 belt.  Three pouches, repair on the front male clasp.  $22



M1937 Gunners belt, marked Concord 1951.  This one is dark green and has no rips although one flap is frayed.  Perfectly serviceable used mag belt $68



Rare, hard to find in the US, a M1937 pattern gunners belt marked ROK (Republic of Korea).  Used but in good condition $195



1970's US Belt; This is sort of a mystery belt.  I've never found documentation of it but have seen this belt in the Tales of the Gun show in the Anniston Army Depot so this is a US issued belt.  It's made of cotton and nylon and has a M1956 style pistol belt with three eyelets. It still holds 12 mags just like a M1937 belt  $80



Thanks for looking all, and thanks to Dave and Buddy!

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