Any DShK shooters here??? Mount problem.....


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My gun is on the wheeled carriage/tripod combo........  The cradle which actually mounts the gun to the main carriage has a "band & wheel brake" vertical adjustment device which is tightened once the gun is on target.  There is a separate one for horizontal.   Problem is this brake system simply doesnt hold the gun.  After a short burst, the gun muzzle is up 2-3 inches.   Sustained burst gets problematic to say the least.  This same cradle with the same brake is also engaged when the mount is up in the tripod configuration.  I have never fired it from the tripod configuration..........as some of you may know, Donna is missing her left foot......standing to shoot is not an option for her.

I am not coming up with any simpler solution here..........





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The elevation brake probably is oily or needs adjustment. The lever that activates the brake on the wheel should be approaching horizontal when applied. Pull the cotter pins at top and bottom of the brake halves and see if they are free of oil and if not, clean them up. Just a suggestion…..

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