mini uzi WTS - Transferable Vector Mini Uzi $20K Florida

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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For Sale:


1.     Group industries (Vector Arms) Mini Uzi Sub-Machinegun


Gun was bought new and is in excellent condition. This is a registered receiver, not the lesser desirable registered bolt gun.


Have several mags and an extra barrel with a “tros” one piece tri-lug mount with captured locking ring.


Also includes second top cover with welded mount for optic (I.E. Doctor optic)


On Form 4 in Florida - $20,000,00 SN 103XXX

This mini uzi had been used, but not abused. It is not museum piece. It is not a safe queen.

Please send any questions to my email here. I can reply to them faster.


remove "antispam" from email address first

Extra Photos of Mini Uzi for sale.

Not a dealer - No sales tax needs to be paid.


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People have been emailing me about this. I just wanted to explain that this is not a "bolt gun". It is a registered receiver gun which means that you can replace all parts that might break during normal use (other than the receiver.) Also, you can change the caliber simply by changing the bolt, barrel, and magazine. So you can use one of those .22 conversion kits. Unlike a bolt gun which has the bolt as the registered part. You are stuck with just the 1 caliber of the registered bolt.  If that breaks and cannot be repaired, you have a big problem.


This gun does not have a not a lot of use, and does come with some spare parts, extra recoil springs, spare top cover, extra mags.

Also includes a full auto closed bolt kit. Including a lower grip (not shown) with sear necessary to operate correctly.  It increases the rate of fire to about 2000...Scary!


I am Not a dealer - so No sales tax needs to be paid. A potential savings of at least $1400.00

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