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WTB madsen belt fed parts / links acc. info


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THE transfer for my German Luftwaffe belt fed madsen finally was approved and I have it in hand for specs etc. I'm told a few parts kits were running the circuit and may still be out there. The  example I have is transferable, are there any samples ANYWHERE ? Sarco has drums but that's all I have found so far. If you are holding a kit for speculation, NOW 's the time I will let you be unreasonable and glad of it!  I think the links are hopeless in the U.S..  They look like the browning but have 2 small additional holes in a flat tab for the feed cog. If anyone knows of another live gun, please let me know. Also I cant find ANYTHING published that even mentions this thing. LEADS?    THANKS MIKE

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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