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Greetings all, George in NC here, I'm thinning out the BAR collection of over 20 years.  I have all sorts of things from the mundane everyday item to rare one-ofs.  Lots of spares to keep your BAR running, some NOS parts, accessories.  Basically everything but the receiver (and I'm selling those too but cut up in little chunks!)

Brouse around at http://www.WWIIBARMAN.com and enter code Sturm for free shipping on any order.  I'm motivated to sell and once it's gone it's gone.  This is 20 years of accumulated collecting that I'm getting rid of. 


Thanks Buddy and David for keeping the site going!

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Larry O'Connell




I am looking for Japanese t96 torch cut receiver parts,especially the part where the mag is inserted,and any and all t11 parts.

Thanks,.    Larry

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