WTS HK MP5 Parts Kit & Misc. MP5-UMP-HK93-Sig Parts

Location: AZ

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Trade interest:

Bulk 5.56mm and 308 ammo

Sig 553 pistol

HK/Sig P229 pistol

Long range rifle scope

MPK carrier, stock

or ???

MP5 partial parts kit- $1200

MP5 0-1-2 A3 burst parts kit- $1700

MP5 front end with magwell- $600

MP5 action 3 bolt group- $550

MP5 F bolt head roller retainer plate,new,5 avail- $10

MP5 extractor spring,5 avail- $5

MP5 action 3 bolt head,2 avail- $225

MP5 full auto carrier,3 avail- $250 

MP5 recoil rod,3 avail- $25 

MP5 three position burst selector lever set- $75

MP5 four position burst selector lever set- $110

HK rear sight tool- $60

SP89 forearm- $60

MP5 front sight with blade,pin,4 avail- $50

MP5 cocking tube with hanger,2 avail- $55

MP5 magazine release assembly,4 avail- $100

MP5 rear sight assembly- $60

MP5 receiver stub- $10

MP5 Surefire forearm- $75

MP5 rough condition slim forearm- $18

UMP 40 bolt group- $300

UMP front/rear sight assembly,2 avail- $30 

UMP cocking handle/support- $20 

UMP rear receiver stub- $300

UMP aluminum top rail- $25

UMP composite or aluminum side/bottom rail- $25

UMP aftermarket two rail set- $25

$200 Swiss Sig 552 carrier/cocking handle

$200 Swiss Sig 551 gas block/front sight

$200 HK33-53-93 bolt head

$50 HK53 trunion

$175 HK93 carrier,2 avail

$25 HK33 Mag catch & misc parts

$40 Don Hume HK USP H721-P holster LH

$75 MWG 90 round AR15 drum 

$70 Black Dog Machine .AR15 22LR drum

USPS Priority shipping is extra.
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