WTB Rare AR15/M16 Magazines

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

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I am looking to purchase some original Colt/Armalite AR15/M16 magazines. The models I am interested in but not limited to:

Waffle mags, and mag pouches

Red Colt "blank" only magazines

Orange Thermolds

Boxes of 7 USGI 20rnd magazines

Any USGI 20rnd magazine sealed in original factory packaging

Colt 30rnd magazines with the emerald green follower

20rnd magazines with the ".222" stamped floor plate

Coltguard coated / nickel plated magazines

Circle 1 marked 20rnd magazines

Armalite marked magazines

Anything that was experimental or prototype... extremely interested in the 50rnd SEAL magazines featured in the book "Special Weapons, Special Warfare"

Will pay cash and will not lowball you. Can possibly trade rare AR180 scopes and magazines. Please send a PM with details.

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